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Welcome to Smart Embedded Systems (SES)

SES announces a single microcontroller based HART device solution consisting of HART Stack and soft modem (patent pending) . This is the first such device which includes HART stack as well as a modem implemented with Texas Instruments’ (TI) MSP430.

Enables Single Microcontroller (presently implemented with MSP 430) for:

  • HART Stack
  • HART Soft Modem (patent pending)
  • Multiple Modems (patent pending)
  • Sensor Interface


  • Lower cost ( $3.30/unit cost reducation estimated@50K+units)
  • Lower power
  • High reliability
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Smaller footprint
  • Multiple modems with a single microcontroller


  • Industrial automation
  • Process Control
  • Power Plants
  • Others

Board Support Package for Evaluation includes :

  • Board
  • Schematic
  • BOM (Bill Of Materials)
  • Hart Stack code
  • SOFT Modem code

HART Brochure: Download Here

Company Brochure: Download Here

Custom Embedded solutions with TI Am437x and Am335x PRU-ICSs Brochure: Download Here

Smart Embedded Systems specializes in designing with Microchip products. Visit the Microchip Technology web site for more information by clicking here.